Friday, July 04, 2008


::Poisonous Cartoon::

Quiz from lesson 4 to lesson 6 finished today. After quiz teacher fed us with poisonous Japanese-children-bluffing anime. First story about how a poor man became rich man by sleeping in front of Buddha, second story about Paddy-Field-God came to live singing haunting Japanese Folk Songs while working in the paddy field. Lunch time, Ahmet brainwashed me again with Spongebob Squarepants with his sparkling super cute Spongebob keychain flashlight! Evil Plan still rulez!


I lost football bet to Lee. In return, he brought me to this extra spicy Nakamoto Mongolian Ramen in Shinjuku. Waited in line for 30 mins, came out with both lips looking like sausages, along laughing at other Japanese who lined up ages to get themselves Lee ordered the most spicy dishes on store, I played safe, ordered the middle spicy. Concentrated on the food... tried to hypnotize myself noodle taste like ChupaChups. When I look beside, I saw human water drainage machine, Lee just took his bath with spicy noodle. Funny!

::Krispy Kreme::

Ate it.
When lining up, they gave each fella one original flavoured doughnut. I don't mind queue and queue again before reaching the ordering counter. *wink*

::Kabuki Chou::

Wasnt disturbed by the Yakuza, or pimps, or host (Gigolo alike). Maybe I looked too "Ah-Lian". Not la-la enough.


Professor wanna judge my 'ability' by forcing me to take August entrance exam. According to him, it's pre-entrance exam! Official exams still in February. What the heck... How many exams I shall take!


Today made a grand appearence to my lab. The last time I appeared was 3 months ago. Found out my Senpai learnt how to curse Fuck. Both guys talking in extreme speed of Japanese, I understand nuts. But, he emphasis the Fuck very much that i realised it was English! Maybe because he just got back from Spain last week, and going to US tomorrow, the word Fuck comes in handy. :)

Yes, all PHD students get to travel the world with Professor Ando. Free trips!


Following Malaysian politics. Anwar's sodomize case, Najib denying affairs with Altantuya. What now?! nobody cares about price hike-up no more? Petrol price, and Global Warming and SAVE THE Panda?! Bunch of idoits.


HOT HOT weather! I can soak in ice water whole day...... Melting........

::The End::


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= krispy kreme...

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bunch of idiots~ whole newspaper about them...see also sian.