Monday, July 07, 2008

WeRide Odaiba

The Tokyo Drift track can still be seen.

Harley-Davidson sponsored a piggy-riding-bike-balloon.

Compare to the 'Mat-Rempit' of Msia. I rather adopt one of these hot, talented professional motorcyclist in 'Adopt Mat-Rempit Campaign'.

Here is the video. Pay Attention to the last motorcyclist of the First jump. 2nd jump, all of them are doing so-called back stretch 'superman' jump.


Kim said...

u can understand wat the MC yelling? any accident of the day? hehehe

Kim Huey said...

no wo no wo. No accident.

I nv understand what the japs are yelling.

O hay, I went Takashimaya Jimmy Choo. Crazy Stuff.

Anthony S. said...

It reminds me of The Verve's "Ride with Me" Btw, I tot the shouting was "hokkien night market" bargaining.

Kim Huey said...

Go Ko Go Ko.. Lai Bui Lai Bui!!!

Lima Ringgit Lime Ringgit!!!!

narrowband said...

That piggy riding HD is super teh kawaiiness.

Kim Huey said...

Cant agree more Narrowband!

it even has the evil looking mobster spec on. Vrroomm vrrommm!