Friday, July 25, 2008


I am feeling touch! I feel like crying! No words could describe how on cloud-9 I am now.

We are on could nine

Me... Me... Me

FINALLY graduated! from Japanese intensive course!

Graduation class photos. Sarah's Afro-and-Sailors are good friend fan.

The certificate we received, Proudly, I held up on my hand, gazing at my name, together with the signature of The Man - President of Tokyo Institute of Technolgy. Once again, my tears started to roll down my cheeks. All my hardwork are not wasted!
(Seriously speaking, the Certificate is better than my MMU graduate cert.No pictures, I left my cert with Siska after the Karaoke.)

Thank you Saitou Sensei.

Saitou sensei with bear bear honkan.

Thank you Yamashita Sensei


Also Thank you Ishida Sensei, who always expect greatness from us. But we still fail her time after time.

Closing ceremony party.

Finally, not forgetting super cute Little Ishida Sensei!!

Who inspired us with their ambitions to be bread-shop-baker, and flower-shop-florist.

Yet, I will miss my dearest classmates so much. No matter how they hate me, they still have to tolerate seeing me every morning from 9 to 12. This, I cant appreciate enough. We have definitely come a long way....

We a.i.m.e.d to get drunk in the Asahi factory tour.

We silently covered for each other for stealing snap-shot of Asahi beer production.

We experiment all types of jump. Just for Ahmet's future jumping style collection book. (It's gonna be a big hit)

We went Karaoke then room turned Sauna together.

We adopted a pet name ducky and fishy name fish fish.

I will never never gonna forget the Bazooka under the table too.

Best wishes to everyone!

P/S: Actually this post is not as sentimental as it seems to be. I just got nothing else better to do. Maybe I do, I should learn how to tie my Yukata for the Hanabi coming Saturday. :D


Anthony S. said...

duck in japan is cute!

Anthony S. said...

so are u

Kim Huey said...

you compare with me a duck!!!!!

Anthony S. said...

oh.. u iz cuter