Friday, July 25, 2008

Hp's vacation

Did I mentioned my mobile loves Fukushima so much that she decided to ditch me, stay a lil` while longer in Fukushima. Bad Mobile! Bad!

However, she is back. In an envelope. Found her lying in my mailbox this morning.

With a lil note.


Just got back Karaoke with classmates. Awesome session. First song was Christina's Reflection and all of us was screaming our lungs out for Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall. I must admit Kaiser Chiefs Ruby Ruby Ruby was a bit tricky. I realised I didnt have Yours truly Angry Mob in my Winamp. So sad.

Elephant says hi.

I so wanna get this to hang outside my door. Maybe changing the 営業 (on business) to 休む (vacation) .


rachelmauricio said...


Anthony S. said...

Ruby huh? I met a girl named Ruby on Wednesday.

Kim Huey said...

Thanks Rachel.

really? Did you sing Kaiser Chiefs to that Ruby?

li wei said...

wow girl, i see you are having a fantastic time there in japan. All your photos look so good! Jealous! I hope all's well with you... Guess I shall start saving money and when I have enough, please bring me around Japan! :)

Kim Huey said...


muacks muacks!!

You make sure you keep your words. I am more than willing to bring around tokyo or maybe help you transform into one of the harajuku girl. Hihihi!

Saw your pics in RWMF. very cool! :D

Chng said...