Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wicked Yasukuni Jinja

I am really sorry. I visited Yasukuni Jinja 靖国神社. To see the twisted and to recognize the hidden truth.

Haiden (Main Hall)

The major controversy of this shrine is the enshrinement of war criminals especially those from WW II. Later, since year 1978 till his death, Emperor Hirohito stop visiting the shrine because the decision to enshrine war criminals. However, controversy continue to arose when other Japanese politicians including the Prime Minister of Japan continuing to visit the shrine. [Wikipedia]

Drawing by Cartoonist preparing for festival.

Yushukan (遊就館), Japan's oldest musuem(founded in 1882) is a war and pieces military musuem that exhibit ranging from Sprit of the Samurai, History of Japanese Military Traditions, including the infamous 'The China Incident'. Of course, not forgetting video broadcasting patriotic Japanese soldiers showing heroism with tanks and guns.

The China Incident Campaign

Since either side never declared war against each other, the Japanese refer those hostilities as the "China Incident".

How convenient calling it Just-An-Incident to omit the truth on using 50,000 to 200,000 of "comfort women", and the murder of 340,000 Chinese in the Nanking Masscare or more commonly known as Rape of Nanking.

I now see the depression of Iris Chang , author of "The Rape of Nanking" for her commit suicide.

Yushukan (Japan's oldest Musuem)


The Nanking Campaign

The purpose of the Nanking Campaign was to surround and occupy the capital, thus discouraging the Chinese from continuing their resistance against the Japanese. Garrison commander Tang Sheng Zhi ignored the Japanese demand to surrender. He ordered his troops to defend Naking to the death and then escaped. After the confused battles, Nanking fell Dec 13.

The Nanking Incident

After the Japanese surrounded Nanking in December 1937, Gan Matsui Iwane distributed maps to his men with foreign settlements and the other safety zone marked in red ink. Matsui told them that they were to maintain strict military disciplines and that anyone commiting unlawful acts would be severely punished. The defeatd Chinese rushed to Xiagun and they were completely destroyed. The chinese soldiers disguised civilian clothes were severely prosecuted.

As usual, the 'thoughtful' Japanese. Excuse to murder hundred thousands of people.

The entrance of Yushukan.

Apart from "The China Incident", the conquered of Malaya was briefly mentioned as below.

The Malay Compaign Dec 8 1941, Feb 15 1942

Lt-Gen Yamashita Tomoyuki, landed on the northen part of the Malay Penisula at the very beginning of the war, cross the penisula 1100km. Feb 15, Singapore fell.

The Japanese refered the invasion of Malaya merely as 'Crossing'.

Again, conveniently skipped the suffering fact of the 3 years and 8 months for my grandpap who was then 9 year-old, forced to be a cook for the Japanese soldiers. He never mentioned much on that incident, I never asked much. And never able to.

And Japanese army regarded the Chinese as enemy aliens, during the so-called sook ching (肅清大屠殺 purification through suffering) up to 40,000 Chinese in Malaya and Singapore were killed. I see... Crossing.....

Minor sections on attack of Japanese to Asia, Pearl Harbour, BUT, large dedication wall to the poeple who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack. Also, the will written with blood by the soldiers, and Kamikaze, tributes after the defeat of Japanese Army after WW II.


Prime Minister Konoe's Third Declaration

It is also stated that FAR FROM DESIRING TERRITORY's indemnities, Japan would even consider giving up her concessions and extraterritorial privilages in China.
The Great East Asia Joint Declaration (Nov 6 1943)

Basic Principle for the establishment of world peace.....
*Common mutual aid and assistance.
*Abolition of racial discrimination
*Promotion of cultural interuse
*Opening resources throughout the world
*Contribute thereby to the progress of Mankind.


We were so pissed off! We wanted to fight so much!

Skinny Sumo Wrestler

Even Spongebob couldnt stand the brutalness, shone out from Ahmet's Spongebob pointer to joint the fight.

Spongebob in Action

No one could prevent war from happening in the history. Most importantly is how to prevent all this ridiculous war from happening again, and educate their people the ugly past. I cant deny every country is trying to erase and rewrite their inglorious history. Example from Malaysia is the May 13 Chinese ethnic cleansing race riots, and Hang Tuah being removed from History text book. Till now, this incident still being brought up in Parliament meeting by idiotic politicians as a "threat", warning for us to 'behave'. (Thanks for the reminder Khairy the son-in-law).

Tokyo Tower in the efforts of 'ECO'. Half lighted at 3am.

Japan's Petronas Tower.

My garage backyard. My rides.

Let's us all come together, as one world, peacefully, with our utmost efforts to fight for more critical current issue right now. Global Warming, Petrol depletion, Save the Whales and Pandas!

From Left: Turkey, Msia, Spore, Thai. 'Fanstastic' Four on mission in Japan.


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