Thursday, July 10, 2008


This kind of topics had been appearing and reappearing in local newspaper for ages now. Ages as in since the very day We had our Indepedence, till this very day. It's always about protecting the privileges of certain ethnic.

I am not trying to fret and complain. The situation had always been like that till we do not have any voice to complain about. We just obey to whichever rules that was set, and abide to it, and try to find a way out from all this stringent and sometimes difficult situation especially concerning to money issue for education.

The only problem I have is, why not move forward? 51 years of independence, still arguing something which has really no meanning to the developement of the country. What is the use of protecting the "privileges" if in the future, the privileges couldnt exist anymore. What is the use of protecting the "privileges" if in the future, we are too lack of competitiveness to be part of this modern world. What if one day, our status of 'developing-country' drop to 'under-developed'? It sadden me even to think of that one day to come.

Education is always the foundation and support to a developed nation. You are sending students to represent your country, at least send someone who deserved the scholarship, that was taken from the tax money of EVERY citizens. Why the quota? What 45%, 55%?! bull crap! We paid our tax! It's so embarrassing to hear Professor saying things like, "Malaysian Students Arent Smart." NO! We have brilliant and bright students, but are 'out-flow' to countries who cleverly recognized their talents!

Instead of running around the bush, aimlessly... We should really open up our mind, to recognize the present, and be prepared for the future.


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