Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing the point

Ch'ng said my previous post about Matsushima is missing the whole main point totally. Matsushima is one of the top 3 most scenic place in Japan. But ALL I FREAKING CARE ABOUT was the witty seagulls that didnt bite my fingers off!!

My apology. My foolishness. My Naiveness.

So, in order to pay back my imbecile-ness. This is a photo-post of all the tiny islands along the boat trip. They all have beautiful names, but I cant recognize which is which.

Not feeling that impressed? OF COURSE! The pictures above were taken using my humble point & shoot camera.

The real thing are below, by using Zhan Wei's super-duper camera. (Warning: I havent ask permission from him to post his pictures here. Do not be surprised these pictures are taken down sometime in the future.)

Well, seagull cant help to peep. Seagull say hello.

I still love my awesome-frantic-snack-targeted-only-fingers-safe-super-cool-seagulls. ::wink::


Chng said...

oi...i din say u missed the whole point woh...u said one ah !!! i only said, where are the photos of those ilttle islands with the matsu on them :) but seagull also good lah... if i were u i catch one home and grill it instead of feeding it lah. :-)

Kim Huey said...

Nah...seagulls are way too smart for ya to catch 'em. Catching 'em might end up falling into the deep blue sea.

And! they are just way too cute to be eaten too.!!