Thursday, July 10, 2008

2nd Tour Guide Training

First training, I practiced on David, he had to suffer quite a lot with my ability to speak Japs, of course, the too-much-walking too.

2nd training, I used it on Boon Chun and his colleague Kah Meng.

It's good to be able to show off my broken Japanese in front of Bc and Km, because they couldnt understand as well as David. Nyek Nyek Nyek!!!

The only Japanese I could speak spontaneously is everyday, greeting OhaiyoGozaimasu sometimes Konnichiwa and Sayonara to the bicycle parking keeper. With a little bit of brain juice, I am able to ask for directions to the Toilet, certain famous location and recognize 'Left' and 'Right' in Japs.

With a lot of nodding, occasionally 'Hai' 'Hai' 'En' 'En' during conversation, and smoothly finish a conversation by saying 'ArigatouGozaimasu', with a perfect 90 degree bow. HuahLa! I cheated both of them that I CAN ACTUALLY SPEAk. Little do they knew, most of the time, I was just recognizing the hand gesture for the direction given. ::evil::


Got a bit lost in Shibuya, couldnt find that particular shop for dinner, although we did passed by the shop once. Do Not ask me how was the dinner. I still feel sin. Worst still, I didnt pay for my dinner.

Later, went Kabuki-chou. Classic routine for Japan Tour.

TakoYaki stall in the middle of Shinjuku

Boon Chun brought Granny's chicken soup herbs for me. The herbs scent are so strong, it made me misses home. Miss good old homecook food. Gonna get some chicken tomorrow, for my chicken soup. :)

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aaron said...

japanese give free meal ? how come u always no need to pay... kanasai