Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toyota Showroom...Again

Played with Toyota Crown Hybrid in Odaiba Toyota Showroom.

*Push Start.
*Super Cool Automatic Seat adjuster when entering and exit car.
*Digital dashboard display. (somemore got screensaver) --> Yes, the boring km/hr meter.
*TV and soundsystem better than my room.
*Outside Temperature indicator.

Price: 60kUSD

RM194k..... Not that bad for Hybrid right?


See it to believe it.

Also, the trumpet blowing Toyota Robot. See how he moves his fingers and feet

Went up to Fuji Telebi 24th floor. Didnt see Takuya Kimura. :(

Odaiba Ferris Wheel

Fuji Television Observation Deck.

Inside Fuji Television

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower


Anthony S. said...


Anyway, I still hate Japs. They took my grand grand grand pa away. Now they wanna brain wash you with their technology. Ish!

Kim Huey said...

You forget to mention they also took me away. 3 years! ::wink::

I bet you hate them more now?!

aaron said...

anthony wont be sad over that kimmy, we celebrated it infact. hidup anthony!!!

biler tap kuat again?