Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Golden Week

My teacher said, Golden week is T.H.E week for people to rest, recharge for a fresh start. I listen to her very much. So i decided to switch my Hybernate mode to Shut Down mode. I really hope suddenly my speech nerves can connect the Japanese-path-lingustic-neuro while me in deep sleep, like an inspiration and in a click, me able to speak Japanese after I wake up!! *wink*

Doesnt Happen.

Frustrated. With a broken heart, I went shopping to cure my despair-ness.

First stop, is Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside (横浜べイサイド), compare to FOS in Malaysia, this place is way cooler. The outlet stores include Coach outlet, Lacoste outlet, Kappa, Le coq Sportif..... They even have a BCBGMaxazria outlet store. Prices are not much cheaper but afforable considering the branded stuff you get espeically from Tokyo.
They have a townhall too.

Next stop was Lazona Kawasaki Plaza department store. This place is way expensive, so our purpose became sightseeing instead.
Sightseeing was fun, especially when we spotted a sperm alike creature that can stand on its feet.

Also visited the NamjaTown in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro (池袋). It's an amusement park with the two cats below as main attraction. But we were there for the Gyoza (餃子) and ice-cream street inside the amusement park.

It was seriously people mounatin people sea. We can barely move. Most annoying is those Japanese like to shout trying to promote and attract customers. This is just one of the example, many many more people like him (below) all around Tokyo street.

They just scream and scream! Some shout with hailer directly into your ears. They make me feel like jumping down a 60 floors high rise building.

But then again, one of the holiday during Golden week is Children's day. I certainly wish not to see any blood on such a joyous day.

So I channel the negative energy into shopping again. Now, I am fully recharge, ready to face any obstacles after my first golden week here! *Semangat*


Kim said...

wei..u go there holiday or study!
>;P i tell mimi!

Family said...

i'm glad you enjoy your holiday. haha, let's do more shopping later...

Anthony S. said...

crazy girl

Kim Huey said...

what crazee?!

I was totally sane!