Monday, April 14, 2008

Toyota Showroom

Sometimes, I rather take the longer way home from the train station, becoz --- I could passby Toyota Showroom & Venus Fort.

The best part is, the entrance to the showroom is F.R.E.E! Muahaha!

Whole section dedicated to the Hybrid

Push Start Hybrid Harrier

One of the best experience is seeing these futuristic car,

Don't forget to zrruup back the seat when you start driving.

And of course, futuristic cars also come with different colour. :)

We can actually test drive pic above, however, one of the requirement is that you need to understand japanese instruction, so i got rejected from driving. :(

There's a robot who know how to blow trumpet too, but he was off duty when i visited.

Is he trying to whistle me?

There's a motion master theater, safe driving lesson, sports cars, test drive new toyota model.. everything about a driver and a car, they even have a ferris wheel! isnt it cool?

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