Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pick-up lines

What's the most memorable pick-up lines you had?
Today, I have something really "extraordinary".

You see, our language Professor was so kind to bring us to Todoroki park to see creek and shrine. So knowing new friends are so definitely. Then, come this Korean guy, he told me in Japanese, " You look like you did plastic surgery!"........ *Silent*

Do I really looked that horrendous?! with loads of remaining stitches and scars and botox?! ....speechless....

Well, not exactly a pick-up line everyone could fall for it immediately I guess. :p

Japanese Intensive Course Student

My classmates & two teachers.

Later today, went to collect my Alien card, I was being courtesies to try to speak Japanese to a Japanese, and he looked at me, with considerably fluent English,

"Can you speak English?"

I went B.O.m.B! A Japanese asking me that! You think i try to ridicule myself by speaking broken Japanese?! It was a manner okay?! dammit! But... he was cute, so i forgive him. :">

To escape the routine since Japanese course started, registered to visit Fujikura plant in Chiba. It is a Fiber Optic company. After the tour, it still doesnt change my opinion that i hated studying about fiber optics, modified chemical vapor deposition, outside vapor, inside vapor, dehydration process..... (mainly because i didnt scored well in that subject during uni).

However, scenery on the way was awesome. Manage to catch a glimpse of nearer Tokyo Tower and Disneyland.

Tokyo Tower and Disney Land

I will definately visit them again, but surely not by driving rent car! Look at the signboard below. ??!?!?!?!?

No wonder the Japanese are so stress, even the signboard can make everyone crazy!


Freshy Go Inter said...

familiar face, yamashita sensei, haha. i really missed studying with him.
anyway todoroki is still the same in every inches. i just wonder why (if not for knowing-your-friend purpose) they took you there. 555

Ruiyun said...

BOO! When wanna visit me?

Kim Huey said...

knowing-your-friend purpose & let-ppl-say-you-did-plastic-surgery purpose. :D

Swee Won, can i swim there? :D

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you be offended when he asked if you spoke English? You could have been French, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian...