Saturday, April 26, 2008

Awe for Shibuya, Ginza

*Warning! This post contains massive amount of pictures*

Shibuya Cross street Before & After pedestrian light

Nice Butt

The landmark of Shibuya & Ginza. (Left) Hachiko the dog, who waited his owner from 1923 to 1935 and later stoned into statue. (Right) Wako Building, western style department store.

Along with Paris Hilton Sex tape sell legally on the shelves, cosplay costume are available in W.i.D.E range!

Kabuki-za Theater. Show where people colour their face white white and dance.

Ate Thai food for lunch and drank Sake for Dinner
Mum, I did not get drunk. Look, I was all innocent! *Acting*

Highclass shops in Ginza. Swarovski and Burberry.

"Robbers shooting aimlessly at this shop thus caused the holes." said Mint. -_-"
Old Shimbashi Train Station turn restaurant.

It's was a happy day, like the lil guy below,
From a Happy Family! Yippie!


Anthony S. said...

the beer with multiple expression looks cute. U arranged them to be tht way?

Kim Huey said...

I was thinking is it possible all with different look, so i pour them all out and found indeed all different expression. Except 1 repeat.

I am too free. :)