Friday, April 25, 2008

The Killers

Sam's Town

Suddenly i realise no matter how many times I listened to their album, able to memorize all the sequence of all the songs in their album, their lyrics..but...but... I have NEVER really watched their music videos before!! :o

You-tube-d Bones, Uncle Johnny (the one who did cocaine) , Read My Mind (Shot in Japan), Romeo & Juliet, Tranquilize, For Reason Unknown (My heart, they dont beat like they used to), live performance on Exitlude.........Gosh! I love them even more.

They looked crazy

Am also listening to Kings of Leon - On call.
Miss you. Happy Working.

It's weekends & I am happy! :D


Anthony S. said...

Miss you too...
Miss doing the Killer's session with you too..

Kim Huey said...

did i tell you the tower records here is 7 floors?