Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am thinking

A call from Prof. Ando hit me with a reality check. Met with him yesterday and he passed me a stack of documents, which require me to R.e.a.d and T.h.i.n.k carefully of my choices.

Choice 1 - Enrol in Oct master course.
Entrance exam gonna be in Aug, which left me 3 months of studying Circuit Theory, Electromagnetic Theory and English.

Choice 2 - Enrol in April master course next year.
Entrance exam is in Feb next year, more time to prepare, meantime, more time for Disneyland Tokyo.

Choice are kidda obvious, but I think i am still thinking.


Stephanie meiyu said...

hey girl!! howz happy for u, all the best and take good care!! how long u'll be there? if i happen to be in Tokyo someday, i'll call u up ....:)

Kim Huey said...


yes yes, call me when you are here. 09084785412, in fact, you can call me even if you werent here. *shy*

Well, i miss speaking english. and i cant speak japanese, now i even miss speaking hokkein! dush! 2 years to go.. long long road.

Anthony S. said...

Well, if I'm Prof. Ando, I would want you to start doing research for me immediately. Reason? More resources equals shorter project timeline. In the end, it still comes back to you. So don't worry about it. The scholarship sponsors you until your master research ends, am i right?