Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Hay, my lil princess sis, it's your birthday!

So, i decided to buy you a very very big bear bear, however he felt asleep on the bike and it was too heavy to be carried back...

So, i got you sweets from a street named Kashiya Yokocho (菓子屋横町) in Kawagoe(川越).

You will feel you might possibly get diabetes if you stay too long on the street. But colourful sweets never fail to make all people happy.

I dunno what are they doing in this picture.

However, as elder sister, I need to protect and decide the best for you. For your best, I decided not to mail back the sweets to you, since I know you always forget to brush your teeth before bed. So, i am gonna eat finish all on behalf of you!

Happy 13th Birthday from your Second big sis.


Kim said...

my birthday also coming soon!
only few days din check ur blog,so many updates! u must be very sian! ohoho!!

Kim Huey said...

not sien! I just wanna update to make you jealous how interesting my life here is. muahahaha! Happy Final Exams!