Sunday, April 20, 2008

No shopping for me

I strongly believe, shopping and movie, will be a history events for me, at least as long as I am in Tokyo.


Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Laforet (one of the famous department store in Shibuya - in the famous cross-section), iGoggle Art Cafe (eat with PC on each seats),Christian Lacroix & Banana Republic.

Unless i wanna wear like this from Harajuku:

Maybe i shud seek advice from:

But i have a feeling she doubting my ability to transform.

Solution: Maybe i shud just cover my face, don't let anyone know I cant afford here...

I am not Kim Huey!


*Thanks Mint for the copyrighted pictures.*
and yes, i know i sucks big time using your D80, proven below:

Sorry, I did my best. :)


Ching Hong said...

u really trample on D80.... what a waste... hehe... u everyday go shopping hor.. sibek wu lui la u...

Kim Huey said...

I am a poor student who are on minor scholarship remember? I cant afford anything but window shopping only.

Thou, the trench coat from Zara and A&F are really adorable. :">

fgifriday said...

i know how much you hate me, but you don't need to do this to me, you know...

Cammy said...

u wan us to buy here n post to u a not?

Kim Huey said...

Mint: what did i do? *scratch*

thanks sis! But i think i will just do fine :)

However, gotta warn you about my transformation into one of the Harajuku. Muahaha

Cammy said...

wont let u step into the house, it's a disgrace to family!!