Thursday, February 19, 2009

World Flags

Can you remember those days during primary school, in art classes, one of the assignment is definitely to draw your country flag.

I sucks big time in art, drawing. I cant even draw a straight line.

So!!! Drawing Malaysia flag, the biggest problem for me was the 14 point star! I could never never ever get it symmetry!

Flag of Malaysia

Why not Malaysia flag as simple as Japan Flag? I am sure the Japanese school children love art classes.

"Students, today we drawing flag!"

5 mins later.


Flag of Japan

But then, later, enter university, met some friends from Penang. Then, my turn to revenge. To laugh at them for having such a difficult state flag to draw.

I am sure they are very expert in drawing coconut tree or pinang tree. Maybe students from Penang excel in drawing "Picnic by the beach" during art class.

Flag of Penang, Malaysia

Then, Ahmet told me during his art class, his red colour crayon all gone. One box of brand new crayon for art class, all other colours untouched, except red.

Flag of Turkey

But still, I cant imagine little children from Bhutan, Cambodia or Wales during their art class.

Flag of Bhutan

Flag of Cambodia

Flag of Wales



kim ean said...

Do they allow the Japanese kids to use the geometry tools to draw the circle? coz is kinda difficult to draw a circle too right?

stevelee67 said...

i think not all countries ask their kid to draw flag !!