Friday, March 27, 2009

The new lair's transformation

Day -1: The negative 1 day before moving in.

A so called empty lair, with absolutely nothing except air.

The wardrobe and kitchen.

Day 0: Still Moving in.

Day 1: Arrival of the bed

Mattress that is made in Malaysia, from Muji. 無印良品

For the next one week,

Without Table.

Wallet recovery.........

After that,

MoRE Furniture SHOPPING!

The Arrival of the Table named Vika, Cupboard named Flarke, and Chair named Herman. (I cant agree more they are named funny. :-S)

But I just called my table "The Kenya's Goddess". Coz it's shinning black like Sandra in cycle 12 America's Top model.


The smiley daisy :)


KellYg@n said...

Hei!!~~~I like your new room!!! NICE!!!

Kim Huey said...

hay Kelly, thanks!

Zehi!! kitte kudasai !!