Saturday, August 06, 2005

Since i am already here...

Since i am already here, dun mind blogging a few more! Somebody whack me!! Here's some picture of my one-year-old cousin's birthday party! >.<
Birthday Boy!! Little "Man" of the day. Thou he dun understand what is happening around him, with all the noise and people around, still smiling happily!
Singer of the day! Encore!!! We want more! We want more!!! Bravo!!!
Happy Family

This is a picture unrelated to the event. But i cant help myself for posting it up here. My another cousin. *Pause* How come suddenly my blog is filled with babies' pictures? Isk! Do not ever think that i love children, don't even think that i trying to get myself one! I think children are evil! They give you the little cuttie pie looks and Kaboom! they get what they want! Gosh! what am i doing here? Peace! Gotta get out of here!

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