Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Someone put Tokyo into the Freezer

Last week on the 1st of February, someone decided to put Tokyo into the freezer and let it frozen. It was whole lots of fun for me because it's the first time ever that snows accumulate in Tokyo for the time I am here. According to the news, around 1cm to 5cm of snow were accumulated.

It started innocently as heavy rain, then suddenly, the violent rain stopped and started floating down. I turned off the light in my room, let the balcony curtain open, sat quietly on the bed and watch the snow fall.

Woke up the next morning with all the roofs coated with icing topping.

The usual sight on the way to school changed entirely. Well, it was all covered in frosting. Someone must had stayed in the school really late last night to make this Mickey.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Sakura Deck

Tokyo Institute of Technology

On the way home, I stopped by Tamagawa to snap pictures with my faithful compact camera.

Snowy Tamagawa

Snow Palette.

That same day, it was also quite depressing listening to the sound of the melting snow. Happy feelings gone.


kim ean said...

Snow Palette like the pancake made by machine one, we put butter and chocolate.

Kim Huey said...

yealo. I always order the chocolate + butter one. :D

I am hungry. :(

オテモヤン said...
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ruiyun said...

I likey that Mickey!
Why no more update liao?
I want to start reviving my blog already. Aim: BLOG EVERYDAY! *runs away*

ruiyun said...

But the Mickey very cham coz eyesight blocked by the nose :(

Kim Huey said...

SweeWon, i very malas want to update. everyday hide under my futon, have enough of winter dy. I NEED....SUN....SHINE..... *putus nafas*

Typing Malay is fun.

Mickey got laser vision, can either see thru the nose, or use laser heat to melt the nose one. no worries. :D

ruiyun said...

UPDATE liawwwww my neck pain already! Now putting on Salon Pas :(

han Ni said...

after reading your blog posts in one shot i feel you are very good in syok sendiri..
muahaha. good good !