Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Long Overdue

It's been such a long time I did not update my blog, I almost forgot how to do it.

The blank blog posts started as lack of inspirations to write, later continued as an excuse due to months after months of hectic master's student life: research, experiment, proceedings, conference and so on, then prolonged into procrastination, finally it just turned into pure laziness...

But that day, when I walked pass my uni school yard,

it was such a beautiful day, suddenly it just hit me that it is gonna be my last fall in my uni, a gush of sadness just ran through me. I always think fall is a sad season, I guess it applies now. I just hope I don't tear up during all the farewells. I am too old for that tear drops crap! roar!

Next, I am going to embark into an unknown journey of working in a brand new country. All the mix feelings engulfing me is enough to make me psychotic, nevertheless, this blog shall rock on!!!

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