Friday, October 21, 2005

45 Things to do before 45

I was reading the Her World mag and found this article interesting. "45 things to do before your're 45". So i made some sorting, and this is what i have done and have yet to be done.


  • Fall in love. ( duh...~!)
  • Have a mind-blowing fling with someone you've always fancied.( Well, it's always a fling before any serious relationship isnt it?)
  • Learn a new language. ( my language class in 2nd sem , coming soon!)
  • Forgive someone who's hurt you badly. (Sis, i forgive you all for stealing my clothes, my shoes.. becoz i stole yours too!)
  • Have an entire mother-daughter day. (This is easy!)
  • Make a conscious effort to spend more time with your loved ones. (My granny!!!)
  • Arrange all your photographs in albums - chronologically. (Not anymore now, it's all in folders after folders after folders....)
  • Go on a shopping spree and change entire wardrobe. (hmmph, not totally whole wardrobe! but still count,bluek!)
  • Get a new hairstyle. ( Well, i dyed, and from short --> long, so it counts!)
  • Lose five kilos. ( Yeap! Still heavy now, but heavier last time!)
  • Go online and make new friend.... (C'mon!)
  • Call an old friend you haven't spoken to in ages and catch-up. ( During birthdays, i guess that consider!)
  • Start a blog. (*wink*)
  • Throw a party with your closest friends and have them all spend the night.( This is often during secondary!)
  • Start helping out at community centre. ( Last time during Leo club...)

Yet to be done!!!

  • Sign up for wine appreaciation classes. You'll finally be able to tell the difference between the pinot and the merlot. (.......speechless...........)
  • Begin your search for spiritual and emotional fulfillment.
  • Have sex somewhere other than bedroom. Or better still, have Tantric sex. ( Huh? What's that? Kamasutra?)
  • Make a family tree and trace your ancestors.
  • Walk into a beauty bar and get yourself a Gothic makeover, jst for the heck of it. ( Gypsy makeover counts? Jst some blanket over and a jst-wake-up hairstyle will do rite? That's me every morning.)
  • Try and get back into your Levi's 501 from the last decade. (Last decade i was 11.)
  • Try on a pair of coloured contact lenses. (K! gonna get it tomorrow! Yellow?)
  • Indulge in a sexy pair of thongs.
  • Start a business you've always dreamed of.
  • Walk into your boss's room and demand that long-overdue promotion.
  • Get the Master degree you've been putting on hold. (+_+")
  • Redecorate your workstation following feng shui tips and see if it makes a difference.
  • Take a course on running your own business. (hmmph...)
  • Call up an ex-boyfriend and meet up for coffee. Hopefully he'll be fat and bald, and you'll still look like a million bucks. ( This is way evil! Yummy!)
  • Sign up for salsa lessons. What better way to get know people whilst moving your groove thing? ( Wooo... dirty dancing!)
  • Make plans to visit your dream destination. If there's one place in the world you've been dying to go, this is the right time. Better still, choose one where you can practice your newly-acquired language. ( So here i come, Italian and Sicily baby!)
  • You got your driving licence at 20 - now get your diving licence!
  • Go on an African safari. ( S'pore's night safari counts? or Melaka's animal safari?)
  • Pick up a musical instrument. ( Well, tried piano, too bad!)
  • Go skydiving. Heck, while you're at it, you might as well bungee jump and parasail as well. ( Yeah!)
  • Sign up for Pilates classes.
  • Start having healthy breakfast of cereal, fruit and yoghurt every morning.
  • Check into a health spa and indulge.

So here it is, there's much to be added into my to-do-list. Wait, where's my to-do-list? Oh! I guess i don't have one. Well, just too bad then.

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