Saturday, October 01, 2005


Actually, my previous post was more prone in learning to put slideshow in a post, impossible you expect me to put my big-headed, zits infested, close-look-scared-you-to-hell pictures?! So simply thought his pictures are nice. *wink* All alone in my rent house now, a bit creepy. Luckily still have me and my coffee, my big head and small pig. Study! Last subject to go.


Cammy said...

its bout piggy again...hohohohho by the way big head is a doggy or bearry?

F.r.a.s.c.O said...

yealo.. still have to find out on that one! DNA test good? or ask 50 cent? Doggy/bearry danced his song before... "Pung!Pung!lil' mama..." nxt time slide show put your pic... der..that one, you with hin hin one... wuahahah!

Anthony S. said...

i think big head is mixed! sort of like kelling + chings = chindian!