Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Narnia the so-called Magical World.

Do you ever feel like walking out the cinema half way the show is showing? For me, except for Polar Express, (but because it was a new experience for me, first time watching 3D in IMAX, so can omit that), Narnia would be the first one ever of all my movie-watching experiences.

Looking at the poster itself, it didn’t urge me enough to walk into the theater, and I couldn’t expect much from the film production company that produces Around the World in 80 Days either, but because the frequent trailer on TV and mainly because I couldn’t get the ticket to watch King Kong, so I still gave it a shot.

At first, I thought I was in the wrong cinema, the screen was showing a war scene for about ten minutes, and another mother-sending-children-off scene in the terminal for another 5 minutes, merely this 15 minutes enough to kill me to boredom. Need not to mention the part how they discover the wardrobe and the Narnia world behind it. "Hay, look! It’s snowing inside the wardrobe! Oo, it's freezing cold! Jingle bells, jingle bells! Oh I know, let's play hide-and-seek so that I could bluff all of you into the wardrobe! Nyek Nyek!”......... While watching till this part, I was constantly switching my sitting position due to my aching back.

The title itself, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe", it is understood that Narnia is hiding inside the Wardrobe. While the Witch is evil, domination of the Narnia world by casting an icy spell, “always winter and never Christmas!” So how about the Lion? Well, The Lion here is as tame as any herbivore could be. Its main tasks is to bluff the witch into believing his death (by having a dreadfully long meeting in the tent, walking up the stairs in slow-mo, and not forgetting to let the devils shave him before death) and to sigh the creatures that the witch frozen back to life again, ONE BY ONE. I assume that only the lion has the ability to "sigh" them to life, I must admit that this lion is truly long-winded! Bravo!

As for the Son-of-Adam, and Daughter-of-Eve, they just don't look heroic enough. When one of the Daughter-of-Eve first entered Narnia, she was amazed, "Impossible!", and second time is when... (Hmmph, can’t remember, when she saw the lion?) Anyway, "Impossible!" Is it that pathetic that there's no more English word to express surprise? They could simply use "Holy shit!", "What the Hell?", "F*ck!” to replace the vocab. Sorry for being rude.

Well, I guess I should say that this "always winter and never Christmas" is just not my cup of tea, or even my cup of coffee, juice, water, and what-so-ever.

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