Monday, April 06, 2009

Kanamara Matsuri

1) This post contains some images that might appeared disgusting to someone and thus causing nausea, headaches, and heart-failure. Be warned!
2) Children below 18, meaning you Kim Mun, kenot read!
3) Whoever in the family, do not open this post to show popo. I mean you Kim Foong!

Kanamara Festival, or officially known as Festival of the Steel Phallus or better still known as Penis Festival, it's celebrated in Japan whereby a bunch of people holding a giant pink penis walking down the street.

According to Wikipedia, this festival is popular among the prostitutes who wishes for protection against STDs. But now, according to what I saw, it's popular among foreigners and transsexual. I think, this whole thing is just an evil plan to boost the tourism!

This is the very odd occasion whereby you hear odd conversation that utterly doesnt make any sense in daily life.

For example,

"Oh NO! The pink penis is going away, Let's get closer"


"The pink penis is coming! Touch it Touch it!"


"How does your penis taste like?"


"Come Buy Come Buy! Tasty Penis and Vagina!"

This aunty was screaming her lungs out,

"Is this penis too big? There's also small one available!"

Hand made Penis and Pussy are available for sales at 600 yen each.

I wouldnt wanna imagine the conversation of buying one of these candies.

I think it would be something like this,

Think you have seen it all? Think again. Welcome to Japan!


Kryptos said...

Mine tastes like... candy! :D

looks like u hv a bad influence on ur younger sis's... tsk tsk...

lisa said...

saw the first picture and tot.. pink squid festival? then after read the text got shocked XD Japan is really an interesting place lol

Chng said...
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Khek said...

wow.. kena deleted... getting raunchieer and raunchieer eh? :D

Thanks kim, this has truly made my day! :D

Kim Huey said...

oo..some weird question I dunno how to answer. so rather delete lo.

Khek! Are you still listening o the nipple song? How your african brother taking it? hehehe!

Kim Huey said...

hahaha... pink squid is cute. i have a friend commented in Facebook, Pink Rocket! hahahah!! Fact is, my Japanese lab friends didnt know about this festival too. So, i guess they are shock themselves.

Kryptos said...

ya, i asked some of my japanese friends too. said they din know anything about it and looked quite indifferent. these ppl have no pride in their culture.