Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is what you do when your pocket is dry.

Stay home and play with your webcam. :D

Nemo Eyes

Tiled up

4 squares.


And my personal favorite!!

Biscuit face

Next week is the golden week for Japanese Holiday. I reckon everywhere should be jam pack with people, so I have decided! **to stay home and practice Zen.** So I guess i wont be updating much. Unless you wanna see my stupid webcam pictures. I have tons more :D


kim ean said...

i wan to see pancake face

Kim Huey said...

all also pancake face mah. flat one.

Joanne said...

hello kim huey.. i can't refrain myself from commenting on this... you look cute especially the biscuit face :P

Kim Huey said...

Joanne! I finally confirmed the news. Congratulations to you and KY! When is the wedding? I wanna be part of the sister who kenakan KY!

Joanne said...

The wedding will be in Dec.. Dec 26th to be exact. Will you be back here by then? If so, you can be my chee mui hehe..