Monday, January 10, 2011

FujiQ Highland and Fuji Five Lakes

My family came visiting Japan during the year end and new year holidays. So, for some reasons unknown, we decided to bring them to extreme amusement park rather than happily jolly Disneyland. I guess it runs in the blood that we belong in the dark side.

When I meant extreme, it was no kidding. Although it's my second time (first time here) to the park, the rides still gave me the goosebumps, especially Eejanaika, the so called 4th Dimension Roller Coaster that is floor-less and could rotate 360 degrees forward and backward (the red track in the photo above), it was just mad crazy. Mun and I were sitting in the first row, the moment the car went climbing up backward, and starting smashing you forward, face down 90 degree almost to the floor, twisting all over, we just went mad non-stop screaming till the end.

But it was still super awesome.

Because it was the year end and new year season, most part of Japan are lighten up as illumination. So was FujiQ highland. It was pretty impressive.

We stayed overnight in Kawaguchiko to visit the Fuji Five Lakes the next day. We went to both wind cave and ice cave.

Her top model dream in Kawaguchiko.

Maybe we were travelling during the year end, most of them shops are closed. Also, we could not find any convenient stores all along the way. So, finally when we saw this vending machines in the summit of Mount Tenjo, we were ecstatic! But later we found out that the machine was not working, so back to hungry mode all the way down Mount Tenjo and found ourselves a convenient store. phew.

On the way back to Kawaguchi Station from Mount Tenjo, it was snowing all the way. We stopped at a park and suddenly someone initiated snow ball fight. So much fun!
It was really a great trip. Update next on New Year Countdown.

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