Friday, January 16, 2009


During the stay of Kim Ean in Japan, I was trying my best to bring her to as many places as we could visit, mainly because she is paying I wanna make her Japan trip one of the best travel experience for her. *cough cough!*

So, one of the places we went, was Fuji-Q. 富士急ハイランド

Snowy when leaving.

It's not famous because it has a magnificient view of the Fuji-san, but the coasters in Fuji-Q are some of the top 10 coaster in the world.

Like Fujiyama below, it held the record as both the tallest and tallest drop coaster during year 1996. Drag you up to whoopy 79m above ground and swing you upright downward from 70m above ground. It's one of the longest ride (2045m) I ever ride on too, you scream and scream and get tired and rest your throat a bit..... and continue screamming also not yet reach the end.

Fujiyama coaster.

However, the scariest ride of all, was this ---> Eejanaika!

DAMMIT! You felt yourself swinging on air when the coaster turn you 360 degree. Its scariest when departing, coz its moving backward. So, not only you cant see where is the track going, you just knew that you are going up and up and up.. and you are preparing for the drop... still not yet drop.. then suddenly it goes, it drop you like you are jumping down from 10 floors building with your butt still stick to your chair.


Image source :BBC News

I wasnt screamming the first time, because I was too scared to even scream. And I kept my eyes close most of the ride. We took the ride for the 2nd time. And this time, I was opening my eyes and screaming like a mad cow.

You can look at me and Ahmet, but the main objective of this picture is the Eejainaka track on the background. :)

One other ride was very worth the experience was Dodonba. Held speed record of 172km/hr as the fastest coaster during year 2001.

Then, it's this ghost hospital.

It was suppose to be a maze, and it took us 50 mins to get out even with arrows and direction guiding you. 50 mins was also mainly because the instruction giving was about 10 mins, the initial ghost video watching to instil fear in you was about another 5 mins. During the lining up, we saw everyone screamming out from the exit. We promised ourselves to be cool. But me and Kim Ean broke the promise. oppsss..

The props were good. The "human-ghost" in doctor uniforms were good too. Most of them had burgers in a hurry before their ghost shift because they spilled ketchup all over their uniform. Ahmet was walking in front, me in the middle, Kim Ean clinging behind. Bad choice for Kim Ean, because normally the ghost will chase you from behind. Hahaha!!!

Some other rides include this one.. Pizza La something...

and dunno you believe or not, I think I never ride on Merry-go-round before this.

It was exhilarating! *wink*


Yin Fung said...


ur japanese roller coaster made the Genting ones look like a pile of besi buruk!

#last pic I can see u attempting smile with the eyes, =p

Kim Huey said...

duh. I was smiling with eyes nose and mouth.

I know Tyra will be so proud of me.

古越遺民 said...

Kim Ean went alone?

Kim Huey said...

yeap. she came alone.