Friday, January 09, 2009

Home sweet home for Kim Ean

7th January 2009. Narita Airport.

I have to forget that you are gone so I gulped down two cans of beer and isolate myself in my bathtub for the fear to face the hollow empty room, afterwards it still didnt help me forget so I have to eliminate all the remaining of your shadow by swallowing maggie cup - tom yam flavor, curry flavor ,with a sprinkle of Ayam Brand Sardine that you brought all in one-go.

Send me somemore maggie mee once you see this. :D ::crave crave::


cfh said...

u haven't pay us back sunshine voucher


Doiii said...

have a safe journey~

Kim Ean said...

did u eat the milo powder also?

Kim Huey said...

yealo. It's wicked when you try to speak while eating milo powder! you should really try someday.

cfh, dont be so stingy.