Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

I had never been through such a lonely Chinese New Year my entire life. Last year, I lost my grandpa, so we were not celebrating Chinese New Year, it was lonely but I had my family with me and this year, I am not celebrating either because I am stuck in Japan preparing for exams.

Penang Kek Lok Si Temple

It gets most lonely when you look at home country news and everywhere is showing the CNY decoration at home. How Midvalley, KLCC and Pavillion are competing in turning their main lobby into huge giant lantern or plum flowers. How Jenjarom Dongzen temple Flower Festival for the ox year gonna be like, a glimpse of the giant ox with happy monk and laughing children infront. As though they are laughing nincompoop like me who couldnt celebrate CNY this year.

Midvalley Kuala Lumpur, decorations for 2009. Photo by SooHK, Flickr

I decided not to call home during the reunion dinner. I dont want to hear the gathering knowing that they are having delicious home cook cuisine and I am not there.

Side story, I had my Japanese presentation for my Japanese Science Technology class. I presented about basic antenna and electromagnetic wave. Nothing fancy, just about how wavelength related to antenna length. I did the whole presentation in Japanese, it took me more than 1 day to prepare the slides, and script. (Nope, I cant present impromptu without script). In the end, i forgot most of the script and speak like a layman beginner. Kore wa antenna desu. (This is antenna). Sore wa tokyo tower desu. (That is tokyo tower). I felt myself such a failure after almost 1 year, I still couldnt speak Japanese like I should have.

Anyway, learnt some Japanese related to EM waves:

Frequency 周波数  しゅうはすう  syuuhasuu
Frequency Band 周波数帯 しゅうはすうたい syuuhasuutai
Wavelength  波長  はちょう hacyou 
Speed of light 光速  こうそく  kousoku



古越遺民 said...

Hm. I wanted to laugh at first. But after I read till the end. I can feel the loneliness and dejection you are experiencing.

The world is well-connected now. CNY ambience can transmit thru internet line to japan.

Happy CNY, fren.

Kim Huey said...

why wanna laugh? I write with such melancholy and sincerity wo..

Hahaha.. Yeap. Maybe I can ask them to webcam the whole process of reunion dinner so that i could 'feel' the atmosphere too.

Happy CNY to you!

Joanne said...

Happy 'Niu' Year Kim Huey!!! Don't worry. You won't be alone. Sending you lotsa motivation and well wishes here... may you have a blessed year ahead!

khek said...

Cheer up babe, i have an idea of how bad it would feel.. take care alright!!.. have a little little something to make it feel at home perhaps..

take care babe!

Kim Huey said...

Hay Joanne, Khek! Thanks for the new year cheer!

I feel so much alive now, like a light shining upon me guiding me back to the right direction! This world is once again filled with hope and happiness....

hahahaha.. ignore me. Happy Chinese New Year. As strong and hardworking as the ox!