Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Universal Studio Osaka, Japan

The entrance to Universal Studio is 5800 yen. With this, you could enter the park and ride unlimited number of times for all the rides.

Problem is, the crowds in Universal Studio is massively huge. Merely to get the entrance ticket, although more than 20 ticket booths are open, we still had to line up for ++30mins.

I am not sure it's because that day was a Sunday? or because it's a year end holiday? Most probably both.

Below is I guess their most exciting coaster. Called the Hollywood Dream - The Ride. Me and Kim Ean, we waited for around 90 mins for this ride. Yeap. just for the 30seconds of adrenaline rush...

The whole place was decorated so western style. All the hollywood characters, however, all of them speak Japanese. A bit odd combination.

Abby Cadabby the character from Sesame Street. Nope, she didnt turn me into a frog.

Met sexy Betty Boop.

Shrek and Princess Fiona

Elmo dancing with Abby and a crew of santarina and snowman.

Except the queue, Universal Studio is definitely a happy place to go. We were only able to get on 2 more rides except the coaster, which are the Animation Celebration and The Shrek 4D Adventure. Both rides are equally refreshing.


DerekSmalls said...

Hahah they all speak japanese. That is awesome

Duncan said...

I like the gingerbread man !