Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Had a tea party with my Science Technology Japanese teacher Nishina Sensei 仁科先生 after the course final exam. All her 6 students gathered in her room and we had cakes, tea and strawberry. Yeap, good life!

One of the topic we brought out was about the Islam religion practice in Japan. One of the student is Indonesian and she told us about her difficulties in practicing Islam prayers in Japan. For example, her experience of getting stone early in the morning 5am outside her balcony by Japanese kids because they thought they saw ghost in a long white hood, or how she had difficulties in praying when she was in Shinjuku during prayer time, where she couldnt find a suitable spot for prayers.

Sensei said, in Japan, there's a law saying that everyone has the freedom to choose their religion, but officially, it is not allowed to practice it anywhere especially schools or government building. However, considering Muslim student, surau are set up for them to do their prayers. And so, some may argue, if Islam are allowed, why doesnt allow the Christian to do the same, or the Buddhism in school? They called it cult if you try to convey religious message in school/campus ground, heavy punishment might occur. Same case in Turkey, they are arguing whether to allow headscarf in a government building or universities. Currently, it's not allowed.

After further conversation, we found out that her parents are actually Christian, her grandparents are Catholics. She embraces Islam after she found peace by practicing prayers with her nanny. And that, in Indonesia, there are no rules saying that students are required to wear headscarf in primary school or secondary school.

This got me thinking.

The way Muslim practice Islam in Malaysia are way more stricter than Indonesia. They are rules in school whereby Muslim girls have to wear headscarf, what more government building, even the women in police force have to wear headscarf along with a hat. and yet, the Indonesian girl made me speechless by telling me that she came to KL, and she saw girl with headscarf kissing another guy in a shopping mall, and then, Nishina Seisei told me she went to Malaysia for a conference, she was surprised for the relatively long prayer before the conference. So I said, Islam is the national religion of Malaysia, no question about it. Every Muslim are born Islam in Malaysia, there's no freedom for them to convert or choose their own religion either. I dont find anything wrong with this statement, but it made them so surprised.

The conversation continued till the extend I was questioned why I aint wearing headscarf, what religion am I. I say no religion, but I have a set of believes:

I believe Maxwell equations are the root of evil in making me constipate, I still hate Newton and the apple, damn Einstein for E=mcc! And the Hindi conversation in Slumdog Millionaire are making me addicted in perfecting my head shaking technique when I speak and spoken to.

I think I am definitely burning in hell.

There's probably no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.
::Atheists in London promoting their new slogan in London city busses. ::

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Kryptos said...

Shhh! u're not supposed to talk about this! it's isu sensitive!!! those people are watching, you know who!

oh well, tat's not going to stop me from saying this.

Malaysians are still wayward and perverted in their thinking.

we need one of those atheist ads on our buses