Saturday, July 30, 2005

Love is only a feeling?

My winamp was shuffling among tons of songs, suddenly this song by The Darkness filled up the air, reminded myself how i used to blast this song over and over again last time.

"That the light of my life.
Would tear a hole right through each cloud that scudded by
Just to beam on you and I"

Especially like this part of the lyrics. And finally tasted how it is like to feel a light shinning on jst the two of us, totally a world of our own, when i was visually stunned by the complete darkness, and my favourite song rises, and caught myself in an embrace arm! Singing and swaying along the fav tune, felt ultimate of happiness. Cant deny i am an emotional person, a petulant cry baby too, therefore, a gush of tears instantly rolls down my cheeks. Luckily it was dark, he didnt realise. *wink* Still could feel the warm hug when i am writting this post.

Love is only a feeling? Off course! but the feeling is so strong that keeps me moving everyday. Like a reason to survive. I was once surprise how ppl who are in love acting in dumb manner, even questioned thier sanity. I guess i am having a state of completely unsoundness of mind too. Welcome to my lunatic asylum!

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Anthony S. said...

Girl, you know? I've found a reason to wake up each day. There's an extraordinary purpose i've found to live. To live life with love. Feelings so strong I had never felt before. If they ever asked where's my sanity? My answer is you. Tell me 'bout it, dear. Let me dry your tears.