Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Surprise ruined!

Wanted to keep this blog as a surprise to my dearest before i am ready to show him.I wanted to write something about our miracle happenings first before telling him, too bad, my dumbo finger cant help leaving comments on Re's beautiful blog, turn out he visited that blog too and saw my comment. Un-surprisingly, he found out about this blog before i posted anything about us. Such a disaster! Surprise ruined! Sad for awhile... but then, later he promised not to step into this blog until it's ready! You better keep your promise dear, if not pls beware of your butt! Whack!! Anyway, if you happens to "pass by" this blog, wanna tell you that you are the best thing ever happen in my life! *chill~~* 18SX.. censored! Nitez everybody!


Anthony S. said...

U had me at hello..

F.r.a.s.c.O said...

hello dear! *mucks*