Monday, October 06, 2008

Lack of Update-ness

Please forgive my lack of update-ness for my Sheepish blog. Been up to nothing much recently. Winter semester had started, stress is hitting hard on me now. I feel the need to excel among a bunch of elites.

Ando Sensei wanted me to translate his lecture notes from Japanese to English, so, I am hook up with this task. Also, busy 'trying' to revise my Japanese before the starting of regular class next week.

Lab member photos. Taken today lunch time after a 5 minutes late into my first official seminar. Front row, are the to-be-graduated Master and PHd student for next year Spring semester.


Foong said...

only 5 girls in side~

kim ean said...

no update no click

Kim Huey said...

yealo. 3 are non student. only 2 student are girls.

yer... click click!!