Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tokyo Game Show 2008

Went to Tokyo Game Show 2008 last sunday. It features all the games you could find under the sun.




Play Station



In addition to the usual pretty girls with flyers, they have pretty 'interesting' crowds too.

Like Chun Li is among the crowds

And some gypsy are waiting in line to get their hands on the latest game.


This guy below is having lil baby for lunch.

M.Bison posing with another Chun Li.

The favourite of the day:


Kim said...

all the games? include solitaire and minesweeper or nt?

stevelee67 said...

i been to it every year that i get bored d and gave it a skip this year :p

Anthony S. said...

good for you, Steve.

Kim Huey said...

OUI! please lar, solitaire and minesweeper only for childish people. Opps.I din say it's you.

Yea, Steve, i can understand you. I was more excited to see Ikea and Disneyland on the way to the gameshow. :D

Anthony, Steve is major senior here. old enough to get sick of Japan. :p

Kenny said...

i can imagine u in a "chun li" costume. hahaha

Kim Huey said...

i wish i could have chun li's hair. :D