Saturday, October 11, 2008

Radiohead In Rainbows Japan Tour'08

After months of waiting, The day was finally here! 8th Oct 2008.

Hall A

Venue was in Tokyo International Forum. The place was amazing. Right after stepping out of the train station, we saw people helding up cardboards, wishing somebody might give up Radiohead tickets to them. I could had been money minded, selling my tickets at twice the price I bought them.

Tokyo International Forum

We were inside the hall kidda early. Kiasu-mah.

Main Hall, Capacity of 5k

The opening act is by an electronic music band from Berlin call Modeselektor. It was not enough to warm up the crowds.


So, we rushed out the venue after the opening act, gulped down two cups of beer, rushed to the toilet, and dashed back to the scene. The stage's background changed.

Pipes dangling down from stage ceiling

Then moments later, Thom Yorke and crew walked out. The crowds gone mad. Without any words, they straight away play 15 step from In Rainbow album.

The most memorable moments are You and Whose Army, Electioneering and Paranoid Android. Too bad they did not play Fake Plastic Tree that day which was one of my fav. No matter, it was definitely a very memorable gig.

Video will be uploaded later. :)

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Anthony S. said...

Generally, japs lined up and shake their head in their seat during the gig?