Sunday, June 28, 2009

Instant Passion

Today, I had the urge. To get an SLR. For real this time. Stood up, got dressed, and off to Yodobashi.

I was standing there right in front of the camera stand, holding it on my hand, thinking... and walk away!!!

In the end, I bought whole series of Shiseido products instead. Gosh, when will I feel I am ready for the upgrade?


Kryptos said...

i'm thinking of getting a new wide lens. but i spent my money on a lego set instead! XP

now, i want a new desktop too. when will i eventually get the lens i want?

Kim Huey said...

I even tee tee out the money dy. Then now all the cash is in my room!


Dont get any idea, I know it's you if it's gone!

Arron said...

get a DSLR and have outing together when u come back in AUG, u me sweety~

Kim Huey said...

yer.. why you like that one? means only if i get SLR then I can join you and sweety go out? Why recently everyone so sombong one?!

Arron said...

................ can join us too.. help us carry tripod.. one on each shoulder.. cool?

Kim Huey said...

ooo... if the tripod suddenly missing or gone, dont blame me arh. I dunno what happened.