Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jealousy kills

A guy in my lab did this rollover picture in his lab member page. I was so jealous!!!

So, I consulted a programming master name Ahmet...

Muahaha!! Roll over (your mouse lar, not literally, duh!) to see my chubby face.

End note: My amazon order came in today. Did you know that except paying via credit cards, you could also pay in any convenient store in Japan? Paying in 7-11 (pronounce: Sebun Irebun) is the best coz all you need is just to print out the bar code and pay at the counter. (instead of pressing complicated buttons on the auto teller machine). So, there's no reason to own a credit card here unlike in Malaysia who has to go through whole loads of applications and then kena cut for a RM5 debt. Damn pissed off! @_@

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Anonymous said...

ahmet so good to you :p