Saturday, June 20, 2009

Every.thing Talks (Literally)

In Japan, everything talks. Literally! I mean, the vending machines, the escalators, the turning vehicles, the lifts, the trash cars, the ticket machines, the ATM machines (my biggest "phew" is they dont yell out the amount $ withdrawn), even the traffic light have birds chirping sound.

So, if you are in Japan, these are some of the sound you should recognize.

Emergency Car is turning right.
QQ sya wa migi ni mairimasu. (no, not cute!)

Please be careful of your legs when getting on and off the escalators.
Ori Nori no SAI wa, ashi moto ni wa jyu bun go cyu yi kudasai.
(No, not hami-SAI in hokkien).

Traffic Light:
"Tew... Tew..... Tew.... Tew...."
(Dont get mad, no body cursing you. I believe this is also not Hokkien or Canto).

The door is closing.
Doa ga shi-mari masu.
(Nope, Shit is definitely not coming.)


iegatooi said...

Wow! Never knew that!
And what do trash cars tell then? ))

Kim Huey said...

trash cars has music sometimes. I heard some classical once.