Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You can have My Job

Hi, meet my three-week-old toothbrush.

Deep down in me, I think my braces never parted with me ever since that last appointment with my orthodontist decade (singular, decade!) ago. My metal teeth is embedded in me. I thought toothbrush can last for three months?!

Poor student like me in an expensive city, cant even afford a decent toothbrush.

Monday, June 29, 2009


I tried!!

Sleeping early, waking up early.

Nope. Not working.

I am going fishing in the seminar tomorrow morning. Might be able to catch some salmon. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Instant Passion

Today, I had the urge. To get an SLR. For real this time. Stood up, got dressed, and off to Yodobashi.

I was standing there right in front of the camera stand, holding it on my hand, thinking... and walk away!!!

In the end, I bought whole series of Shiseido products instead. Gosh, when will I feel I am ready for the upgrade?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Every.thing Talks (Literally)

In Japan, everything talks. Literally! I mean, the vending machines, the escalators, the turning vehicles, the lifts, the trash cars, the ticket machines, the ATM machines (my biggest "phew" is they dont yell out the amount $ withdrawn), even the traffic light have birds chirping sound.

So, if you are in Japan, these are some of the sound you should recognize.

Emergency Car is turning right.
QQ sya wa migi ni mairimasu. (no, not cute!)

Please be careful of your legs when getting on and off the escalators.
Ori Nori no SAI wa, ashi moto ni wa jyu bun go cyu yi kudasai.
(No, not hami-SAI in hokkien).

Traffic Light:
"Tew... Tew..... Tew.... Tew...."
(Dont get mad, no body cursing you. I believe this is also not Hokkien or Canto).

The door is closing.
Doa ga shi-mari masu.
(Nope, Shit is definitely not coming.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am so freaking busy since last week. Wanted to leave a good impression on my presentation, practice and practice, yet I got so nervous I couldnt form a proper sentence in the beginning.

Then, it was exam, assignment,quiz, then tmr is another presentation.

Amidst of all this busy-ness, yet I cant refrain from peeping into my new fiction book.

Wuah! The book Lolita is so erotic, in a good way. The language are superb. Gonna rush rush rush, get all my work done, and indulge in my reading! YOS!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jealousy kills

A guy in my lab did this rollover picture in his lab member page. I was so jealous!!!

So, I consulted a programming master name Ahmet...

Muahaha!! Roll over (your mouse lar, not literally, duh!) to see my chubby face.

End note: My amazon order came in today. Did you know that except paying via credit cards, you could also pay in any convenient store in Japan? Paying in 7-11 (pronounce: Sebun Irebun) is the best coz all you need is just to print out the bar code and pay at the counter. (instead of pressing complicated buttons on the auto teller machine). So, there's no reason to own a credit card here unlike in Malaysia who has to go through whole loads of applications and then kena cut for a RM5 debt. Damn pissed off! @_@

Monday, June 01, 2009


Sometimes, when I am depressed, I thought of others in this world, who are suffering way more than I do, I will try my utmost effort to cheer up, and hopeful that everything is gonna be all right.

Depressed button

YES. Imagine yourself to be an emergency button in the toilet, everyday sit there silently, watching different people walk in and out of the cube, even the most sexy beautiful chic walk in, she might also have constipation or digging her nose behind close door........

NO Wonder the button is depressed.