Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Japanese for the day

邪魔 [jama]

nope. Not devil.

When entering someone's house,
Ojamashimas. [ お邪魔します。]
*May I come in?

When asking permission to see someone tmr,
Ashita ojama shite mo yoroshii desuka. [明日お邪魔してもよろしいですか?]
*May I come to see you tmr?

When some pervert block your way, while kicking his arse away, shout,
J.A.M.A.! [邪魔! ] (dont forget your mean face.)

1 comment:

stevelee67 said...

only pervert lah...if handsome boy blocking the way how ??

have to say ちょっとお邪魔してもいいですか?