Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shine A Light

Went to the big screen today. Figured out I somehow deserved some time doing my own stuff instead of waking up from bed, stuck in front of the pc until the moment I went to the bed. Except occasionally break for coffee or snack or lunch time while revising some stupid joke from old season of Southpark. But my point is, I need to get my butt out of the chair avoiding cellulite-prone consequences!!

Ahmet suggested this movie. We wanted to watch Red Cliff but the movie is Chinese, subtitle is Jap, so... English movies are compromise.

Shine A Light, concert movie of Rolling Stones by Martin Scorsese!

I dare to say who doesnt know Rolling Stones? Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ron Wood. you hear their names so often you might think it's a religion. However, embarrassing enough, I actually doesnt listen to their song that much. But, things started to change now.

It gave me goose bumps for the concert opening song. In a good way of course. Bill Clinton was in the movie introducing the group as his global warming charity. The cinematography was so good that it makes you feel you are actually one of the audience. After each song, you have the urge to clap your hands and scream your lungs out. A few attempts, I have to remind myself, it's a cinema theater instead of a real concert.

There are a few guest stars on the show, like Jack White from The White Stripes,

Jack White from The White Stripes. Photo Source: Oliver Wolcott Library

He looks and sound exceptionally humble beside the glorious Rolling Stones, and when he started to sing, it was kidda let down on the expectation on his vocals. A few times, you could also see him awkwardly trying to kiss Mick Jagger, not sure....

Then it's Buddy Guy.

This guy! one word, WUAH!!!!

Did some background check on him, quote "Buddy Guy is five time grammy winner, inspiration to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton.... " He was merely playing guitar on the first verse, I wasnt expecting him to sing or anything, but suddenly he approached the mic, WUah!!!! Still wow-ing now.

Christina Aguilera also did a cameo, her vocal. Fantastic!

The camera, hook on Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Of course, on and off some old interview Rolling Stones did. It's more a concert than a documentary. There's not many backstage scene. Martin Sorcesese appeared in the show fretting that everything was not done until the last minute of the concert in New York. (It seems Martin Sorcesese is a very detailed director). It was hectic and complaints and frustration from him claiming it's very difficult to work with diva band. In the end, once the music start, everything just got lost in the music. Rolling Stone, all of them are dy so old, but they enjoy what they do so much, people feel their vibes too.

Also, remember Johnny Depp said his Pirates character is based on Keith Richards' character? Well, no wonder I have the image of Johnny Depp the pirate is playing guitar.

Nevertheless, 122 mins of good music and awesome concert.


Anthony S. said...

awesome stuff!

cfh said...

Two of them look like gay in the last photo of your post...

Kim Huey said...


relatives also no face give!