Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Manglish/Singlish is famous for direct translation of chinese grammar. with a lot of lah, wo, lo..

"Oui! On the light lah. "
"Tomolo you got go or not?"
"If you go, then I go lo."
"Dont like that lah."
"Why like that one?"
"Not like this wo."
"Not like that meh?"
"What you talking lah?"

That day, I went to Shiodome to see light illumination with Ahmet,

When we saw this,

He said,


I was laughing my head off!
I guess it's bad for Proper-English-Development people to mix with Malaysian too much.


ruiyun said...

my korean labmate went to MMU for 2 months and came back with "tulan oh..."

Kim Huey said...

tsk tsk tsk, beh tahan! I also tulan dy!