Thursday, December 18, 2008

Me Myself and I

Hi Mum,

There's some reasons I am quite reluctant to show you my pictures.

Not that I am doing something that might be criminally incline that could cause me to go to jail,

Like drinking alcohol,

or smoking weed

"what weed? Nope. nobody smoking"

It's just that even me myself and I dare not look at my own pictures.

They make me feel like punching myself in my face shouting, "who is this? so geli one, not me!"

I absolutely do not wanna show you the picture of me trying to hug a tree,

or retarded look trying to figure out a map,

However, recently went to a restaurant, knew some new friend, around your age I reckon. But after sometime, we had communication breakdown, she doesnt seem to move that much and maintained that same gesture for a long time, I felt like I am talking to the wall.....


I am feeling so vain now.

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cfh said...

This post is funny!