Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Allergic! >.<

Dunwanna write much in this post, as my hand still suffering from the needle pain, mean time, dunwanna post up too many bloody pictures either, might keeps on remind me the horrible experience.

Imagine this thing each at the back of my palms. Both hand still swollen now. Havent mention the amount of medication i have to take. However, i could finally taste how those ppl feel in ecstasy, right after the jap, my world jst cant stop spinning and spinning and spinning... like a big whirl pool... then it's Kaboom! Unconscious for the whole day! Now, i have to continue this kaboom with the lil yellow pills, taking ecstasy legally! cool huh? Don't you jst envy me or what?! Gosh, it's taking effect now, gtg!

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