Monday, September 05, 2005

Bike Race

The hectic lifestyle that i am having now during my uni life is totally no fun at all. Stress could jst come up to you and keep on haunting you down till you cant catch your breath, suffocate! I locked myself up in the town for long enough, all the driving, carpark searching, traffics, honking(i dun used to do this, till i came up town,honking is essential!).Not to say i dun enjoy these lifestyle, but too much is always bad for health. Therefore, as a getaway, i turn my vehichel into a bike. Racing with my sister in the aunty bike, and the tyre was almost flat, was actually fun! Thou a bit of almost falling down there because too long nv been on a bike. Now, let the pictures do the talking!

Later that night,

somebody thinks that i stink alot! True enough, havoc comes late that nite where i had skin allergy, might be due to the medicine that my family that been inputting to me too much. Suffer an injection the nxt morning, *pain* will tell more in my next post!

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Anthony S. said...

muahhahaa... stinky winky..