Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Man Chauvinist Pig

I usually avoid some kind of ppl, becoz mixing them make me goes mad. Some saying, "If you cant beat them, join them.", in this case, this is not relevent. Seeing those man chauvinist pig (MCPs), the male species who is excessively proud of his masculinity, and express this pride to the detriment of the female species makes me puke. Loose my appetite. However, wanna make the defination of MCPs clear, that he may feel no ill will towards women, he may merely thoughtlessly ignore the needs or interest of women while pursuing his esteemed. From outsiders' view, these MCPs infact need thier women (if there's still any modern women willing to be obedient of such disasterous behaviour these days!) of thier life to continue for survival.

Second , is self-centered, the Mr. Know-It-All.... (well, since i am talking the XY homosapien, no doubt for the title Mr.) They indulgently believing that the superiority in them and hence, excessively self-absorbed, and self-involved. Thinking that everyone around him will agree to his moron opinions. As i mention moron, it means that those opinions that makes no sense. It is equivalent to a statement made by 4 year-old, "Ice-Cream is yummy!" How adorable! On the other hand, made by Mr.Know-It-All, "Ice-cream is tasty to eat, it contains fats, carbohydrate, balance vitamins, however, too much of ice-cream makes your teeth yellow, like drinking coffee, therefore you need to brush your teeth very often, do exercise........." Sound moronic informative isnt it? *wink*

Ya' know, how unfortunate, a series of my unfortunate event.

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