Saturday, September 03, 2005

Busy! busy!

I had been really busy since the midterm break. Nv had one day of relaxation before. Even during some of the outings, my mind couldnt be in peace to have a great day out. Now i understand that growing up isnt fun at all. Worst scenario didnt end of jst simply being busy. I was caught up with fever and sick for almost two weeks now after i had one of my dinner in Dengkil. ( yea! the food there is poisonous!) Or was it just me being unlucky that had me diarrhea and lost my appetite for two whole weeks. Imagine this, i cant even finish my McD ice cream, feel like chucking it away jst after first two bites, how pathetic!

Anyway, everyone else is having stress like me. When i try to think of it, i am somehow very lucky because during my "sick", i somehow managed to get myself pampered from my sister and my dar dar. My dinner and medication was all well taken care of by them. After all, both of them are busy with thier own coming FYP presentation. Anyway, i am going back hometown tml, miss my mum already. Wanna drink her chicken soup so much. After two weeks only i told her that i am sick, made her worry like hell, kept calling for the past hours, making sure that i would be home tml.

It's end of the sem and its totally no fun time! I want holidays!!!!

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